"Holistic spirituality is about abundance, fun, beauty, awareness, and acceptance"
Briony Goldsmith

Briony Goldsmith is a Melbourne based nutritionist, who studied Mind Body Medicine and Naturopathy. Briony also co-hosted a community radio show “Simply Wellbeing”, where she talked about health and interviewed health practitioners from all over Australia.

Briony is an intuitive empath and channel with a passion for energetic medicine, whole foods and wellness. Her mission is to combine a love of design and interiors, with holistic health and spirituality by creating sacred healing and learning experiences, set in beautiful boutique spaces.  Briony’s mission is to  supersede the standards within the spiritual industry , she will not have reader, healer, teacher or product associated with her events that are not of a “Soul Star” standard. 

“Soul Star has grown out of going to spiritual festivals, conferences and events from all over the world, and feeling a little underwhelmed from what I have found. There is so much beauty and abundance in spirituality, I want our events to reflect this”

"Seeing the light when we are surrounded by darkness"


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