Soul Star showcases wellness and spirituality in a beautiful package. The spiritual industry can be hard to navigate, it is a highly subjective and unregulated industry. It is Soul Star's mission to connect the public with quality practitioners and create high vibration spaces where guests can experience the very best of modern spirituality.
Briony Goldsmith

Briony Goldsmith is a Melbourne based nutritionist, with a bachelor degree in Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. Briony started to see aura’s as a little girl and has been taken to energetic healer’s by her mother from early childhood, which started her on her own lifelong journey into healing herself. Briony has been seeing healers and exploring spirituality ever since giving her 38 years of exploring the industry. One of Briony’s driving forces in creating Soul Star is to stop people experiencing some of the dark side of spirituality, having both had really amazing life-changing experiences and others that were confronting and scary. 

Briony is an intuitive empath and channel with a passion for energetic medicine, whole foods and wellness. Her mission is to combine a love of design and interiors, with holistic health and spirituality by creating sacred healing and learning experiences, set in beautiful boutique spaces.  Briony’s mission is to supersede the standards within the spiritual industry, she will not have a reader, healer, teacher or product associated with her events that are not of a “Soul Star” standard. 

“Soul Star for me has grown out of my own spiritual evolution and following my soul purpose. I believe that practitioners in this industry have a great responsibility, people are vulnerable and looking for answers. I’ve learnt the hard way that not all healers are created equal, your energy is important and you need to be decerning with who you allow to read it. I want to normalize spirtuality, and have it something that is accessable for everyone in everyday life, you don’t have to change who you are or what you love, it’s not about sacrifice. It’s just about becoming more intune with yourself, your wounds, your heart and allowing yourself the freedom to be exactly who you are.”

"Seeing the light when we are surrounded by darkness"


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