Dana Spirit Butterfly - The Sacred Rose Awakening For Women.

Saturday, March 17th, 2018  |  12:30 – 3:30 pm  |  $88

Om Yoga, Shop 2, 316-320 Toorak Rd, South Yarra 3141

What will happen on the day?

✶   Soul attuning and realignment to your own Sacred Rose  ✶Movement and dance practice ✶Inner journey work in a safe held space  ✶Energy clearing and healing ✶Tea ceremony   ✶Channelled messages from the Spirit of the Rose.

Participants will be given a 7-Day Meditation protocol to prepare them in the week leading up to the day. 

“Women who actively work with the Rose frequency notice they find more peace and beauty in their world and indeed begin to feel more inspired in a peaceful and beautiful way.  In addition, they also experience more kindness, compassion and love, the unconditional kind.  It opens the door up to new confidence, collaborations and a renewed sense of community”.

-Dana Spirit Butterfly

“A movement energetics practice that attunes you to your higher self to reveal your most sacred self, helping it bloom using the Sacred Rose frequency. This work invokes a peaceful awakening within the Soul to unleash your sacred state of sovereignty and inner power. It calls to you the archetypal energies of peace, love and compassion, to absorb, upgrade and integrate the new sacred feminine. It is an embodiment practice that activates your intuitive self and rewires your mind through the integration of higher vibrational frequencies.

Injecting the power of the Sacred Rose into your daily practice will bring out your most authentic you and attract to you circumstances and people that resolve inner conflicts and bring you into an abundant BE-ing.

For every woman that does this work there is a geo-grid shift on the planet that allows for more space in the Akashic field of light, sound and energy for this frequency. That is, the more you do it, the easier it is for more to do it. The Sacred Rose frequency embraces all acts of kindness and love, creating more space for its creation.”

About Dana

Recently returned from tours in the UK, Europe and the USA, Dana is looking forward to sharing the sacred feminine wisdom she’s downloaded from Sacred Sites at Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, on the Mary Magdelaine Trail in France, and in the mountains of Italy. This program is a gift and one that will continue to bloom for years to come. She is honoured to be working with the Spirit of the Rose, as a plant that represents sacred love in its many forms. Most especially as it serves the new sacred feminine.

Dana is a profession spirit channel, soul coach and movement energetics practitioner. Experienced at managing group dynamics, she has been a teacher to adults for over a decade. She loves to connect with Spirit to show you the amazing possibilities available for you. Yet Dana is also a strong advocate of finding and fulfilling your genuine soul purpose through living your actual life, to allow you to heal. She is a specialist at reconnecting and transforming the body, mind and spirit – for true healing needs to respect this important trilogy.

Dana is a certified regression & past-life therapist, fairyologist, angel intuitive reader, psychic medium, Spirit intuitive, trance healer and channel. Her client base now international. She is also a renown dance and movement teacher, making for one well rounded movement energetics healer and practitioner – a personal motivator for the body, mind and spirit.

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