Laura Pringle - The Soul Session

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017  |  7 – 9 pm  |  $70

Maitri Centre, 111 Swan Street, Richmond, Melbourne, VIC

What's included:


This is a unique and deeply transformative healing session designed to cleanse and purify the different parts of your soul system.

The session combines a powerful channelled soul healing, a karmic cleansing ritual and a light body DNA Activation with sound healing.

As our consciousness and self-awareness expands we are able to attune more to the metaphysical aspect of our nature. As we open this gateway, it becomes essential to nourish and heal ourselves at a soul level.

Rather than focusing on this lifetime, soul healings, karma cleanses and DNA activations focus on all life times that the soul has lived, meaning that the healing transcends all traditional time, space, dimension and reality.

By returning soul fragments, removing soul contracts, and clearing on an ancestral and historic level, we refresh the soul and wake up the dormant spiritual DNA.

The Soul session creates a natural recalibration and recoding of your entire being, expanding your energy and bringing you into a state of ‘higher self’ alignment.

This process also supports the physical body in accommodating the higher vibrational states available to us at this time on the planet and can help to reduce sensitivities to negative energies as well as environmental and physical toxins.

We have also put together a 7-day pre-healing program for anyone who would like to heighten the experience by preparing your body on an emotional, mental and physical level beforehand. This is in no way compulsory but for those of you who love to journey deeply, we have a program that will help you create a richer experience.

This intensive healing is good for people who:

would like to detox deeper than just on the physical layer of their being
want to deepen their spiritual awakening and ascension
have emotions, thoughts or feelings that they can’t place from this lifetime
feel drawn to releasing karma at this time
feel an imbalance emotionally, mentally or physically within the body
would like to activate their master cell within the pineal gland
want to prepare their body for being able to house stronger energy and vibrations

About Laura Pringle

Laura is an intuitive healer and transformational coach with a clientele that includes Hollywood celebrities, New York number one best-selling authors, famous healers and entrepreneurs.


For the last 19 years, Laura has been working with people across the layers of their being, from the lowest density of the physical body to the soul level. She believes that by addressing issues on a soul level you can transcend many natural blocks that distort your decisions making, how you feel about yourself and how you perceive the world.

“Now more than ever people are naturally awakening within themselves and experiencing the ability to sense and perceive on a metaphysical level. With so many people aware of and often affected by energy around them, the emotions in others, sensitive to foods, chemicals and environmental toxins, it’s important to honour these natural human upgrades by amending the bodies ability to house the new energy.


If we do not begin addressing ourselves on a soul level, I believe we will continue to see more and more physical, mental, emotional and energetic conditions.”

– Laura Pringle

About Leah - Sound Healer

Leah’s Sound Healing Meditation sessions have been shared in Melbourne over the past 3-4 years with a combination of binaural healing solfeggio sounds & recordings, didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, flute, rainstick, guided mindful meditation, pranayama, deep breath work and other senses, with her base in St Kilda while working in and with community.

She holds a space for deep relaxation, healing and transformation using intuitive voice, mantra, Tibetan singing bowls and deep breath work while engaging the senses, assisting the mind to stillness.

Her background is in sound production & she is now doing a bachelor of art majoring in sound while singing and sharing meditation to express her healing art in this way.

After having her kundalini awaken at the beginning of 2013, she shares her new-found wisdom & knowledge in this subtle yet very powerful practice for community.

Leah also runs a sisterhood circle called ‘As You Are Sister Circle of Heart’ in Elwood for woman connecting and sharing their wisdom on the monthly new moon.

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