A Healer in Review

A Healer in Review

I am a self- confessed healer junkie. I’ve been seeing healers since I was a child, brought up by a mother who was the original hippy – eating tofu and practicing yoga in our living room, way before it was cool!

I was bought up with a sense that being around energetic healers was normal and therefore opened me up to it.

I was also brought up in a different home by a father who was the exact opposite. He only believed in what you can see, and what science could tell him. He was a sceptic.

This combination has given me a grounded approach to the healing world; my experience within it and those who practice.

So at 37, after at least 30 years of exposure to energetic healing, I guess I will call myself a self-confessed ‘expert’ on the topic as a “healer reviewer”. What’s more I’m pretty sure I haven’t met anyone yet with that title, so let’s claim it!

As someone that travels the world searching for healers, I’m often the ‘expert’ one that friends and associates come to if they want to “try out” a healer for the very first time or they are looking for a new one.

I always have a handful to choose from, directing them according to; who they are, there beliefs and experiences, and what they are needing. Selecting a healer is this personnel.

I’ve found that no two healers are alike, and each one brings a different experience and can even differ from session to session depending on where you are at physically and emotionally at the time. I’ve also seen some average or even damaging healers, who I don’t see for a second session or recommend to people for obvious reasons.

I’m not suggesting that healers have the ability to make someone in a wheel chair walk (although I’m not saying that couldn’t happen either). A healing session can sometimes do little more than take away the day’s stress, where you can walk away feeling like you’ve been in Bali having massages for 3 weeks (which is why I’m addicted to them!)

Healing can occur on a subtle level, be it emotional or physical.

While some may be able to heal disease or your cold and flu, generally they are great for taking away negativity or balancing your energy and can make you feel relaxed, peaceful and balanced, depending on the type of healer you experience.

I am generalising for the sake of simplicity, there are so much healers can do.

For my first review, I have to begin with one that’s been my spiritual mentor and had probably one of the greatest impacts on my life in the last two years…

Simone Harding

Simone is not your run of the mill healers. She doesn’t do hands on healing, though she says she can.  Simone is a qualified kinesiologist, teaching professionally at the best schools in Australia.

She is a qualified naturopath, owning one of the first multidisciplinary clinics in Australia.

Simone is qualified in understanding the human body and energetic system. She has dealt with thousands of clients over her more than 20 years of experience. Thus, when you see Simone, you know you’re seeing someone that is professional and experienced.

Simone is not a touchy feely, air fairy person. She’s direct, she’s kind and likeable, however she’ll call me out on my bullshit.

For me she’s been a better counsellor than any physiatrist, psychologist or girlfriend I’ve ever worked shopped my issues with.

She is incredible at showing me the bigger picture – how someone will treat you a certain way, where it’s actually coming from, and how these perceptions can feed into a delusion about yourself that aren’t actually true.

Her exceptional psychic abilities allow her to cut through and feel into where the person I’m talking about is coming from.

She can also sense parts of yourself that you aren’t even aware of that helps bring clarity to the situation at hand, which can be completely different from how they looked and felt on the surface. This makes me feel better and makes me aware of my own patterns. 

Simone is annoyingly psychic and accurate. She’s not there to give you a “reading”, however so often she will say something and I’ll argue her (sometimes just in my head) and I’ll think, oh she’s wrong that’s not the case, and days, or weeks later, it will happen I think “bloody Simone was right!”

My typical session with Simone, though they can differ depending on where I am at, starts with me crapping on about where I am in life at that particular moment.

I generally have a lot to talk about so Simone eloquently contains me with some time on the table, which is where all the magic happens.

Simone is not the type of healer where she will just lay her hands on you, and you will get some magical release and you will come out feeling million dollars (though I know healers that do this, and will go to them for that release) Simone is different.

In a typical session, as I lay down, she will direct me to feel into my own body, and feel into the sensations, and she will question me about what I feel, (whilst having the ability to feel and see what I feel). Before I know it I’ve come up with some child hood trauma I had totally forgotten about and I’m howling on the table.

The emotional block or belief that’s associated with it is released. Now this might not sound pleasant, and sometimes when Simone pushes me I think can you just give me the bloody answers!!  Simone makes you do the work, which at the end of the day is way more powerful!

When I tell people about a session with Simone, I liken it to broccoli. I don’t particularly like broccoli, though sometimes it can be pleasant depending on how it’s cooked, but I eat it because it’s frightfully good for you, and if eaten regularly, will bring good health!

With Simone I face darkness and truth at a really deep level, so much goes unrealised until I’m on that table.  Sometimes I leave feeling like shit and fragile, sometimes I walk out feeling elated and powerful, sometimes I just feel a bit spaced out.

However, over time, I have noticed a change in myself, that my awareness has expanded, that I’m lighter, happier, importantly more me than I’ve ever been.

I’m more accepting of myself, better with my boundaries, and knowing my truth and sticking to it. I’m better at working out for myself why I’ve reacted to situations the way I do, and being ok with that. I’m better at using my own intuitive and healing gifts. I have a better understanding of my soul purpose, and at trusting the process. Each session has built upon the other and she has taught me so much, I’ll be forever indebted to the experience and grateful that I found her.

Simone is not for everyone, I’ve sent people to her that have not gone back, others have a couple of sessions and that was enough and others that have followed the same course as me with her and have loved the experience.

Healers are not one size fits all and we will resonate with the healers that are meant to be in our lives, but for me Simone has been exactly what I needed, and she came exactly when I needed her.

I couldn’t recommend Simone more highly as a healer. Whether you resonate with her or not, you will have a professional and safe experience at the very least. And like I said, you will face your darkness, which many people want to hide from, so many won’t have the stomach to stay with her. But as the saying goes no guts no glory!



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