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What Doesn’t Automatically Make You a Spiritual, Conscious Person

It’s absolutely awesome that there is so much incredible information about wellness and spirituality at our finger tips.

However, on the flip side, because we are constantly bombarded with the fashionable opinions of keyboard warriors, their identities all-too-often hidden behind the security of an avatar, we don’t know whether the information at hand holds water, how conscious a person really is, or whether they are living their truth.

Spiritual Gurus:

There is a perception that the spiritual guru, wellness coach or health expert you choose to follow, has it all together. The truth is that there isn’t a person on this earth that doesn’t have a journey – no one is at their destination, not even your hyper-enlightened spiritual guru!

Of course it’s true, that the more you meditate, eat well, do spiritual practices, partake in healings or clearings, the more in-tune you will become with yourself and the more peace and contentment you will have in your life.

However, as humans we all have our genetic disposition, triggers, egos and child hood traumas. Consequently, we all have things to work through. We also have strengths and weakness’s, and as humans we tend to play to our strengths and hide our weakness, especially true in today’s ‘we must to have it all together’ stigma.

The more you face your own darkness, the more awareness you have of who you are, and the more acceptance you have of yourself, the more self-aware and conscious you become. But it takes guts to do this, and it’s not easy.

You are not more spiritual or conscious than anyone else if you are a spiritual teacher, a yoga instructor, a psychic, wellness coach, or a healer. Absolutely any person has the ability to be a conscious person, and in fact some of the most unconscious displays of behaviour I’ve seen have come from healers, psychics, wellness coaches and yoga teachers.

A common trap ‘spiritual and self -development lovers’ fall into is wanting to help ‘fix others’. While you may feel you are ‘helping people’, it is important to sit in non-judgment of others, unless of course that person has specifically asked for your advice. 

Part of being of this journey is allowing others to be on their own path no matter how wrong we think that path is, and loving and supporting them anyway, that’s called unconditional love.

Despite this being the opposite to what most people might think, Spirituality is actually about putting ourselves first and working on being the most authentic person we can be. Being spiritual is not actually putting others’ needs above our own, with the exception of being a parent of a young child. Looking after ‘ourselves’ means we can be the best ‘we’ can be and therefore giving our best to others, it also gives permission for others to be authentic themselves.

A worthy maxim to note on this, spoken by one of my favourite healers, Simone Harding, is that “What’s best for me is best for everyone.”

A trap that many ‘nice’ people fall into is constantly helping others, which of course is ‘nice’ but is it really a distraction from looking at themselves? Are they actually filling their voids with the accolades that come from being “the good guy”, when really it’s just a distraction from their own self- awareness? Does it turn them into martyrs, and perpetuate the fact that they struggle with boundaries? This is referred to as “Spiritual Bypassing” a really important topic that I will discuss in more depth in a separate blog.

Being spiritual is about being honest with yourself, it’s about doing what feels right in your gut, not what your head and society has programmed you to feel. It’s about following your heart, and tuning into your intuition. It’s not about never being angry or expressing negative feelings, it’s about being authentic with your feelings and dealing with them in a healthy way.

I would like to point out that I have a long list of incredible healers, wellness coaches, yoga teachers who are absolutely beautiful and authentic in what they do, and I’ve been helped on my own journey by them. I also think it’s necessary to bring awareness to the fact that I’ve witnessed both in myself and others examples when a practitioner or even a friend didn’t behave in a conscious way and how damaging that can be (when they are held in the esteem of someone that would display this behavior because of their beliefs, credentials etc.). With that said it’s important to take your power within and listen to their own intuition so you can distinguish when out outside influences resonate.

Being spiritual entails looking after yourself physically and mentally. It’s about practicing what you preach. It’s about being true to your word. It’s about not judging others or yourself! It’s about kindness, it’s about creating boundaries, and honouring your own feelings.

Spirituality is about stillness, and not filling the void with distraction. It’s about facing your darkness head on, instead of running from it. Most importantly it’s about accepting yourself and choosing peace over your ego.

In a nutshell, spirituality is being aware of your own bull shit. A special type of awareness that will make you less reactive to situations that would normally give you the pip!

Lastly no matter who you are and how much yoga or superfoods you eat, spirituality is about being kind, and having a sensitivity and compassion for others, but most importantly its bout divine love and our ability to connect and share it.

Here is my list of things that don’t make you a conscious person, but doesn’t necessary stop you being one either:

1. Being psychic

2. Being a health coach

3. Reading self-help books

4. Being a yoga teacher

5. Being a healer

6. Having a big Instagram following

Here is my list of what guarantees you the ability to be a conscious spiritual person:

1. Being a human being

2. A sense of humour

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