A Cacao Journey

A Cacao Journey

Over a year ago I took part in a cacao ceremony. It was part of an 8-week shamanic energy training course I did and was the closing ceremony of the course. I assumed it was just a chocolate drink and not a lot could come of it; to be honest I didn’t give the ceremony much thought at all.


This course was held by Shamanic practitioner and qi gong teacher Sharon Bolt. Sharon is a truly gifted energetic healer; I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few one-to-one personal sessions with her.


Sharon dished out this sacred brew that she had cooked up with god knows what herbs and medicinal elements. I drank it down quickly. It tasted ok, and we proceeded to do our normal qi gong energy training. Later we all had to lie down in a meditative state.  All the energy work we had done prior to lying down was centred around the heart and opening it.


Sharon then lead us through a meditation, afterwards letting us lie there in the sound-healing experience. Suddenly I felt what I can only describe as my heart opening like a trap door. I lay on the ground and I could feel the most intense, beautiful love I have ever felt in all my existence on planet Earth – it was over whelming. This love felt so feminine, motherly and beautiful that, while I lay there with my blind-fold on and my eyes shut, I felt tears begin to steam out of my eyes. I wasn’t sad –  it was the kind of emotion I can imagine you would feel while watching your child get married or give birth. These tears were tears of joy, and I couldn’t stop them and I didn’t want to. I lay there in this intensely blissed-out state feeling the deepest, most beautiful love I had ever experienced and the clincher was that I knew this love was inside me; it was the love I had always been searching for and yet it was inside me all along.


This experience was probably one of the most profound and amazing experiences I’ve had. On June 24th, which is the new moon, I have invited Sharon as my guest to perform this incredible ritual at my event. I can’t promise you that your experience will be like mine, all I can do is offer the space and the opportunity for others to feel and experience. I am so excited to have this as part of the Soul Star Journey with such an incredible teacher and healer as Sharon. I look forward to seeing the experience unfold on the day.




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  1. Jenny Goldsmith

    That sounds amazing. So beautifully expressed too. I’m so looking forward to participating in this ceremony…even if I experience a fraction of what you experienced I’ll be happy ?

    1. Briony Goldsmith

      Thanks so much Jenny ! I hope you have as amazing experience as i had!

  2. https://www.resumeperk.com/blog/page/9

    What a wonderful experience in your life. To go through meditation in such an environment is a great chance.

    1. Briony Goldsmith

      Thank you for your comment, it was amazing! x

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