How your home contributes to what you manifest in your life.

How your home contributes to what you manifest in your life.

I love creating shifts in my own life, which has lead me to want to help others do the same. I’m obsessed with self-improvement on all levels (mind, body, spirit), it’s been driving my life since I was a teenager. I’m always looking at ways we block ourselves from creating the life we desire, and how we can overcome them. The reality is, manifestation is complex, you don’t just manifest change by thinking positive phrases in your mind. While there are many ways to create real change in our lives, I’m going to explain one concept that spirit has taught me that might help you create a shift in your life.


We tell the universe directly what it is we want to manifest each and every day and we do it with our thoughts and actions. Your own personal sacred space, is the place you spend the most time in, which is generally where you live. Your sacred space, says everything to the world about what it is you want to bring more of into your life; look and feel around you, because you are literally telling an energetic story to the world.


My home is my sacred space. Visitors constantly comment on the energy of my home. I consciously decided to create my home with the intention of love. I lived by my intention when I renovated my new home 2 years ago. I only purchased objects, furnishings and design decisions based on if I loved it, I refused to buy any copies or anything that was fake, because of the energy of that message. I had to love it or it wouldn’t be included. I figured this was the foundation of my life, that I was rebuilding it from the ground up after my divorce and I was doing it based on love. I believe the energy of this oozes out the walls and visitors can feel it; all my healer friends comment on the energy in my home.


You don’t have to have an amazing house to create it based on love, you can just start by looking at what you have and treating it with love and respect. You can start by ridding toxicity from your home life, whether it be people or junk, you can clean and value what you have; by doing this you are telling the story and building the foundation of your future life. So, what are you saying to the world? Have a look around your home, room or whatever you have, your story surrounds you.


Some questions you can ask yourself:


  • How much love is in the place you live?
  • Do you feel safe?
  • How do you treat your sacred space, do you dread or look forward to coming home?
  • Are you surrounded by clutter?
  • Do you have a permanent space you can call your own or are you always moving, as a result of this do you feel ungrounded?
  • Do you keep it clean and clear, is it filled with only objects or pieces that you absolutely love?
  • What’s the energy like in your home, is it a happy peaceful environment for you to draw energy or does it deplete you?
  • Are the draws and cupboards full of junk and old things from your past, are you hoarding? Are you hanging onto objects or things tucked away that have the energy of past pain for you?
  • Is it full of objects that are meaningless to you? How much meaning do you have in your life?
  • Do you adore the people and animals that live in your home, do you feel happy in your space?
  • Does your home look like it’s the perfect home, that you have the perfect family, relationship, does it appear to be “perfect” where in fact behind closed doors it’s not and as a result, you feel unfulfilled?



Your sacred space, the people in it, the vibe of your space says everything about the world that you are creating for yourself, it is the very foundation from which you create from. It says everything about how you believe you wish to be treated, what you are presenting to the world, how uncomplicated or junkie and disorganised your life is, how much drama is in it. Most importantly it say’s how much you value happiness and love by the relationships you foster in your space, either with the animals, the other people, the things you own and especially with yourself.


If you want to create change your life, bring in new energy and abundance look at your sacred space and see what changes you can make. What can you clear out, both psychically and energetically, to make room for new energy? If you don’t have love, peace and gratitude where you spend most of your time, how can you attract it in all other aspects of your life?


Have a look at the message you are sending to the world, and if you want to change your story, you know where to start.







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    The atmosphere inside the house is very important for the quality of life, both physically and spiritually.

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