Why would you want to get an energetic healing?

Why would you want to get an energetic healing?

At my last event, a guest came up to me who had never had a healing before, he asked me why anyone would want one? So, I thought I would share my response with you.

If I can give you my own analogy to explain it simply; Since birth, we have all been walking around with an invisible backpack on. Every time something happens in life, be it a major childhood trauma, poor diet, drugs, arguments, loss, isolation, stress, draining people, walking through crowds, we add energetic feathers to our backpack (depending on how big or minor the trauma it will depend on how many feathers are added.)

While adding one or two feathers we don’t notice the weight difference, however soon enough those feathers add up. Can you think of anyone in your life that intuitively you feel has a heavy or dense energy?

Things that clear feather’s out of our backpacks, include meditation, swimming in the ocean, being in nature, acupuncture, yoga and energetic healings.

While yoga might release a few feathers, a healing can take a whole brick’s worth of feathers and while you didn’t notice how heavy the energy you had accumulated had gotten (because you were only adding feathers), you notice how much lighter you are when they are gone. It’s not unlike flossing and cleaning your teeth every day to get to that build up, though it’s not as effective as a strong clean from the dentist, you don’t want to wait 6 months for the dentist clean while not doing your normal clean every day!

Energetic clearing cannot be a once off thing. Every day you add feathers to your backpack and every day you should be doing things that reduce the load of your backpack and occasionally it is optimal do a big clean out, that is if you want to feel lighter, more Intune with your intuition, more joyful and balanced.

Therefore, I am so passionate about promoting energy healing for creating powerful energetic shifts in your life. There will not be one healing or one therapy that removes all those feathers; we are complex creatures and quite frankly if you removed and felt every single trauma that you have ever had in your entire life and that you’d suppressed, you probably wouldn’t handle it.

My advice is to regularly partake in, to reduce a build-up of dense energy:

• Walking in nature
• Meditation
• Ocean swimming
• Acupuncture
• Healing Massage
• Visualising regularly gold or white light pouring over you like a shower washing away any accumulated dense energy

On occasion for major shifts:
• Seeing experienced Energetic healers.

Love & Light

Briony x

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  1. Eliza

    Great analogy. Love it.

    1. Briony Goldsmith

      Thanks Eliza x

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