Negative self- talk

Negative self- talk

We all have limiting beliefs. We have beliefs about ourselves that aren’t positive, that we think are true, but in fact they are not. It sounds counter intuitive to the way we have been brought up, but we can’t always believe what we think. Our minds have this amazing way of playing tricks on us, and because it’s the only mind we know – we think it’s the truth, but truth is subjective.

Once upon a time when you were little, stuff happened, you were treated in a certain way, you were told who you are by others and you formed beliefs based on your experience. At that time, you were young and your mind was not discerning enough to know if the beliefs you set in place were the truth. Even as we get older and more discerning and more educated, it’s incredible how those limiting beliefs can still play out in our lives unconsciously. It’s not in our best moments that they rear their ugly head, it’s usually in our dark days that we see ourselves as ugly, stupid, fat, useless, unworthy, unlovable, not good enough… but they are not the truth.

The amazing thing about meditation is that it is one tool that allows you to connect to your truth. I’m not talking about your once-in-a-blue-moon meditation, I’m talking about the place you get to with consistent practice. In this space, you get to tap into the part of yourself that feels complete, that knows it’s worthy, that doesn’t need to achieve or be anything, because you already are everything you’ll ever need to be. Negative self-talk is not motivating, it’s toxic. To have a life where you are free of other peoples recorded negative messages in your head, it is helpful to have strategies and also, to understand you are not alone in this struggle, it is endemic in society.

A few months ago, my yoga teacher that has also worked at a few of my events asked me before a yoga class “Briony do you ever struggle leading up to an event’ She was organising a massive teacher training event and she was stressed and not coping. I said to her I haven’t had an event yet that I haven’t cried at least once and wanted to quit in the lead up. She looked at me shocked, then I could see the relief come over her face. She needed to know that she could still, in-fact pull off this event, despite all the negativity going on in her head.  She just needed to hear that her struggle was normal and she was not alone.

This is why I asked meditation guide, and motivational speaker Kat John to talk in our morning journey “A Tale of Holistic Health”. Kat is talking about negative self-talk and how meditation is the key to that process. Here you can get user friendly tips from Kat, as well as being surrounded by and meeting people that feel the same.

Check out Kat and our amazing lineup of speakers if you want to learn more about this at our Melbourne Soul Star Festival on October 28. Check out the link here for details.


A Tale Of Holistic Health


Light & Love

Briony Goldsmith x

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  1. Yogi Raj

    Its interesting how those developmental years have such a profound and lasting impact on all of us… I sit on this every day. To me my voice can sound like a hallway monitor if I was still at school. I find that despite having numerous “life changing experiences” that hallway monitor is still there, even though the input I know is often nonsensical! so I’ll continue to meditate on that. I do believe that meditation is one path out of human suffering…

    1. Briony Goldsmith

      Yes I agree! Thank you for your comment 🙂

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