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Being more grateful is becoming common practise. You may be aware of the benefits of gratitude and perhaps you have even started using a ‘Gratitude Diary’. No doubt your intention comes from the right place, but how many of us are actually seeing these benefits in our own life? How many of us are really practicing being grateful AF? In a world where we have so much and yet want so much more, it is

FULL MOON IN LEO SYDNEY: 4:17 pm, January 21 NEW YORK: 12:17 am, January 21 LONDON: 5:17 am, January 21   ✨ A total lunar eclipse will occur during this full Moon in Leo. An eclipse can be a portal for change, so if you find yourself stuck in some area of your life or clinging to your comfort zone when you know you should be letting go in order to evolve, step into your rightful destiny

The saturation of yoga teacher trainings today has created a multitude of styles and yoga brands across the world. This expansion has allowed yoga to become accessible to a wide range of people- allowing everyone to find a yoga style and teacher that resonates with them. However, I have found that as the commercial possibilities for yoga teacher trainings grow, so do the numbers of newly trained teachers who leave feeling ill

There can be many reasons why people come and see me, or any other intuitive healer or reader. It could be a time of transition or uncertainty, a time where that person feels stuck or unsure of their next move. When I first went to see an intuitive healer, I was at my wits end with a swimming injury. I’d been to doctor after doctor telling them of increasing shoulder pain only to get

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