The three most commonly asked questions in an intuitive reading by Elle Steele

The three most commonly asked questions in an intuitive reading by Elle Steele

There can be many reasons why people come and see me, or any other intuitive healer or reader.

It could be a time of transition or uncertainty, a time where that person feels stuck or unsure of their next move.

When I first went to see an intuitive healer, I was at my wits end with a swimming injury. I’d been to doctor after doctor telling them of increasing shoulder pain only to get the response that ‘it was all in my head’ and that ‘nothing was wrong with me’ with the best medicine being to ‘stop using your wheelchair so you can rest your shoulders’.

Basically, I was at a crossroads, maybe the universe was helping me move away from swimming, because I sure as hell needed to have a reason, even though my heart wasn’t in it anymore.


As we step into what they’re calling the ‘now age’, more people are visiting intuitive readers and healers as they realise that external energetic factors can truly affect their lives.

So, what are the most common questions I get asked as an intuitive?

  • What do my Angels want me to know?
  • Am I in the right relationship/is he the one?
  • Am I on the right path?

The most common question, ‘What do my Angels want me to know ?’ is so open ended that the answer you may get might not get you anywhere closer to where you want to be.

Could the question be rephrased to ‘Can my Angels tell me how to move from where I am now to where I want to be?’ or ‘Do they Angels have any advice on how I could feel more aligned/happy/on the right track?’

In terms of ‘am I in the right relationship/is he the one?’, well, beautiful, darling, if you need to ask this question, don’t you already know the answer? Or, why not ask your partner? This question can be a harder one to answer for an intuitive because there are variables, the Angels aren’t only dealing with your desires in the relationship but the freewill of another person, which we can never change. So, if you’re feeling unsure in your relationship and you’ve hit a hurdle, breathe and dig deep, have the conversation with your love, ask them, where do they see the relationship going? Or, if that’s too hard, remember the happiest you’ll ever be is right in the now, don’t project your own worries about the outcome of the relationship into the future, just be.

Am I on the right path? Maybe, yes? What’s your end goal? Have you decided what you want in life? Are you taking steps towards that path? If so, yes, you’re on the right path. If you’re happy, being a loving and decent person, not causing anyone pain, well, you’re on the right path. If I was with an intuitive reader and asked this question, I’d add something to the end like, Am I on the right path towards a thriving and financially sustainable business? Then the Angels would be able to give me some really juicy steps towards my end goal. You want answers you can act on.

What do you when you hear something in a reading that you’re not that happy about?

Take it with a grain of salt. You are still completely in control of your life down on earth, remember freewill and all that jazz. But, know if you ask for help, you need to be prepared that it may come in a way that isn’t like you first visualised for yourself. This isn’t bad by the way, it means that your Angels and Spirit guides are working their butts off to give you the best life possible. Sometime our humanie brains can’t possibly create, manifest or visualise all of our dreams because we have those fun thought patterns called limiting beliefs happening. You can only manifest and imagine to the limit of your own imagination, so if it’s small…you get the gist.

Because we’re so used to looking outside ourselves for validation, we sometimes miss the point that we can be more direct with this spiritual beings and ask them to do the work for us, as humans we have freewill on earth which means that the Angels and other Spirit Guides can’t intervene in our lives unless we ask them too.

So, when you can come to see an intuitive, be prepared to have an open and honest conversation with your spiritual gang, they’re probably craving the chat.


Light & Love

Elle Steele x


Elle will be talking about over coming adversity at our up coming holistic festival.

Elle Steele is psychic reader, healer and business coach and mentor.  A gifted leader in Melbourne who connects women with their spiritual power. Elle’s background includes 13 years as a swimmer, representing Australia at the 2000 Paralympic Games. Throughout her swimming and rugby career, Elle’s resilience has allowed her to overcome intense physical challenges. Elle has worked with organisations including ANZ and Worksafe, heading disability support, change management and mentorship programs and creating meaningful change.

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