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Melbourne’s Soul Star holistic festival will change your life

This article was originally published on the Beat Magazine website // View the original article here .

Melbourne’s Soul Star holistic festival will change your life

For all the aspiring wellness junkies.

If taking care of your body and soul a little more was one of your New Year’s Resolutions, the upcoming Soul Star festival is definitely a good starting point.

The wellness craze has well and truly hit Melbourne, and Soul Star festival will be bringing the latest holistic practices to the fore. The festival will feature markets, classes, talks and demonstrations, all focused on helping punters explore new avenues of healing, fitness, beauty and spirituality. A bounty of vegan and gluten-free food will be available for festivalgoers, including doughnuts, Buddha bowls and green juice, and a range of cruelty-free and organic skin care products could help find the secret to your beauty regime. Yoga and meditation classes will introduce curious festivalgoers to a new way of decompressing while staying fit in the process.

Soul Star’s program is designed so it doesn’t matter whether you’re a mindfulness master or new to the wellness game. Wellness is what you make of it, and Soul Star’s jam-packed schedule could be the first step in seeking out a healthier lifestyle.

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