How to connect to your soul intuition.

How to connect to your soul intuition.

For the more significant part of my life, I was unaware of what my soul truly desired. My guidance system was off. I lived a life that looked great on paper, yet at a deep level, I never felt satisfied. I didn’t understand that my soul star chakra was screaming at me to connect to a guidance system which would teach me through experience what was right for me and what wasn’t.

We all have access to our divine wisdom. You can connect to the soul star chakra, by doing that, it would allow you to nurture and develop your guidance system. Your innate sense would always be whispering to you and guiding you on a path that would express your pure soul’s desire. Your soul star chakra is also known as the seat of the soul, as it is the point where spiritual energy, and divine love, enters your body.

So many of us are stuck in lives that we haven’t chosen. People block how they feel so they can’t see the fact that they are in a toxic relationship, with an old friend, their lover, parents, children or boss. Typically, people numb their true feelings with food, alcohol, chocolate, tv, gossip, sex, clothes, social media etc. This coping mechanism is so unconscious they have no awareness that they are doing it to cope with their life. From birth, we’re nurtured, fostering an expectation to live our lives in a specific way, rather than embodying our true nature. We then can’t understand why we get anxiety, depression, weight-grain or illness, which is the bodies way of telling us that we are way out of alignment.

Most people only know about the seven body chakras, which finishes at the crown chakra, located at the top of your head. Many people don’t know to connect to their soul star chakra (found above your head), which is the place where they will receive the divine wisdom and connection that they are looking for without the ego.

When I first named my business Soul Star, I had never actually heard of the soul star chakra. At the time, I thought I had picked two random words that sounded good together. Upon discovering that the meaning of it embodied everything I wanted to achieve with my first event, I wondered how I had such a coincidental accident. I had no idea that I was accessing this chakra and I was channelling that event and the events I would create in the future. I had no idea that my purpose involved helping others connect to their soul star chakra and their purpose.

If we connected to our soul star more, we would have a clear channel to receive the guidance that is the creativity of our soul.

Finding your clear connection is a combination of healing & clearing past wounds. Looking after your physical and emotional health, doing things/ activities that you love & daily meditation. Along with a dedication to self-awareness, where you can start to see your part to play and responsibility for creating the world around you. Connecting to your soul star will strengthen that inner knowing and connection to who you indeed are, bringing you a deeper level of fulfilment & satisfaction than any amount of chocolate or new clothes could ever bring you.


We have our fourth Soul Star Festival this March 1, 2020 in Melbourne Australia, click here for more details


Light & Love


Briony Goldsmith

Soul Star Festival & Soul Market Director



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