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How to clear unwanted energy from your home and yourself by Julie Zdravkovska.

Here are some suggestions that were channelled from the Seventh Ray[1] on how to clear energy that may be making you feel unwell, overwhelmed, anxious, emotional or just not quite yourself. Using these tools, especially at a peak time with the festive season just around the corner, not to mention the added pressure completing work projects before the years is out, attending all the parties, and even spending time with your family could, albeit a fun and loved-filled time, can be overwhelming too.

So let’s begin clearing that unwanted energy and return to your loving, happy awesome self!

1. Intent. When you have the intent that this energy is not yours and does not belong to you, that could very well be enough. You may not need tools or props to clear your space; you just need a few simple words, said with feeling and meaning. An example of this would be…

“Take this unwanted energy that is not mine and does not belong with me and send it away with love and light and realign me to that which is in my highest good” Say this mantra a few times to yourself either out loud or in your mind and in about 15-20 mins you should begin to feel a lot lighter within yourself which will gradually get lighter and lighter over the course of the hour until you begin to feel like yourself again.


2. Smoke. By burning Palo Santo wood, Sage sticks, incense sticks/cones, or even striking a match can clear away the unwanted energy in a room or around you. Whenever you do use devices that burn and create a smoky haze, keep a window opened for the smoke to leave through and so to the energy it is clearing. While you are walking around the space/room/house/office with your smoking device in hand, again saying a mantra with intent and feeling such as… “I command this unwanted energy leave this space/room/house/office, I send it away and to the light with love and blessings” Again saying this a few times out loud or in your head will suffice.


3. Mist. Creating a mist spray is also a great way to clear yourself and the space and you can make it with a beautiful aroma or without. You can also buy these from many spiritual shops that sell crystals, cards and books these days. To make one for yourself, you just need an empty spray bottle filled ¾ with cold water, a few drops of your favourite essential oil(s)/ blend and add a few tumble crystals or the crushed crystal rocks and when your ready to spray just shake the bottle and spray away. Adjust the spray contents in relation to the essential oils so that your happy with the aroma. Using the same mantra as mentioned above or something similar would work well here too.   


4. Oracle Cards/Affirmation Cards. Using cards that you may have handy can also be a great way to clear the space or energy. Simply take your deck of cards, and as you are shuffling repeat to yourself in your mind… “what do I need to do or understand to clear this unwanted energy and bring me back to peace”. Saying this a number of times while shuffling is plenty. Place the cards in front of you, and with your non-writing hand fan out the cards and pick one. Turn it over and read the message. If it does not make sense, then choose another card known as the clarity card and place it on top of your first card and see if that resonates with you. You only need a clarity card if the first card did not align with where you are at. Embrace the card(s) and its message(s) and either keep it on you (in your bag, wallet) for the day if you’re running around or place it in a spot that you can easily see it if you’re more stationary (your desk, on your computer etc.). You should start to feel a lot lighter as the day rolls on by.


5. Crystals. Crystals are a beautiful energy that can help anyone release stress, anxiety or just plain old unwanted energy. It doesn’t matter what crystal you have or which one you are drawn to at the time you do this clearing; they will all support you regardless of their overall meaning/benefit. Take your crystal(s) in your hands and hold them tight, close your eyes and repeat this mantra to yourself or out loud… “Crystal(s), this unwanted energy that it is not here for my highest good, I ask that you take it and transmute it to a higher vibration and fill it with love and pure-light healing. Send this changed energy frequency to the light with blessings always” Once you begin to feel lighter and at peace, place the crystal(s) on a window seal or out in the garden and the night air/moon will cleanse your crystal(s) for you as well.     


6. Drawing. Another option which can be very useful and quite freeing is to grab a blank piece of paper and a pen or other drawing utensils such as pencil, coloured pencils, smudging chalk etc and begin to just draw the energy you/re feeling. This is not about being an ‘artist/, and it’s just feeling into this unwanted energy. You could be moved to draw lines, symbols, flowers, smudge various colours around or even write letters or numbers or words. Whatever it is, feel free to explore. Once you feel that you have released all the unwanted energy from within or around you, simply draw a huge circle around what you’ve created, making sure to include everything and then draw a line straight across and through the circle. Now to send the energy away, either put the paper in a singing bowl and play it to your liking or play a pair of Tibetan bells over the paper or put some frequency-based music on and place the paper near it. 

Once you feel its all finished then write in the corner of the page (any corner will do where there is some space) … “All in, released and cleared”, then date it (dd/mm/yyyy) and place three ticks (✓✓✓). You can then either tear up the paper and throw it in the bin or place it under the next new/full moon should that be something that aligns with you.

6.1 – Drawing that was shown on the LIVES –

^ The meaning and translation of the energy from the drawing that was done and shown at the LIVES on Tuesday 3 December 2019 is as follows:

‘The meaning of this drawing was to release any pressure and fear along with the desire to do well at the upcoming LIVE show. This drawing was done to clear any negative energy of the people that were watching the LIVES and that will watch the replay later on as well as clearing the energy overall from those presenting.

The translation of this drawings vibration is about clearing the fear of the unknown. Allowing trust in Spirit through the messages that are coming through and releasing the ego from all so that love for people and their desires are at the forefront’


7. Essential Oils. Burning essential oils in a diffuser, placing a few diluted drops on your wrists or taking in a few deep breaths and smelling the oil directly from the bottle can also clear any unwanted energy. Any essential oil that you feel drawn to during that time is the right one for you to use. If you can not get your hands on the essential oil of your choice simply close your eyes and either invoke the smell or see an image in your mind of that essence (i.e. plant, herb, bush, flower etc) and begin to feel any unwanted stress, anxiety and energy just melt away.

8. Throw salt in areas of the room/house/office as this will absorb any unwanted energy. In a few hours you can clear the salt (sweep/vacuum) and dispose of it in the bin.


9. If your unwanted energy comes in the forms of dreams, then place a water-filled glass with a dash of salt anywhere in the space where you sleep where it cannot be knocked over or mistaken for drinking water. In the morning you can discard the water and the energy in the garden or flushed down the toilet. Before you discard the contents say out loud or in your head … “Please transmute this energy into love and send it to the light with blessings”. Do this for at least a week and at any other times where you feel uneasy before going to sleep. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER.


by Julie Zdravkovska  @juliezdravkovska

Julie Zdravkovska is a natural born medium and healer with 20 years experience. She feels fortunate that from an early age, her gift has been able to help those in need, make the necessary changes to live a more fulfilled life.  Her direct connection to universal energy allows her to offer practical and deep insights.


Julie will be live onstage giving readings at our next Soul Star Festival March 1, 2020 in Port Melboure. She will also be channeling a group healing. To grab your tickets use this link for eventbrite.


  [1] These seven great streams of energy represent each and every vibration in nature, space and form, and they permeate all objects, all beings and all events in manifestation. They interpenetrate each other and combine themselves in order to produce more complex systems which we refer to as “reality”. 

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