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New Moon In Capricorn Dec 26th By Natasha Weber

SYDNEY: 4:14 pm, December 26

NEW YORK: 12:14 am, December 26

LONDON: 5:14 am, December 26

Mega planets Pluto and Saturn link to this new Moon, placing a concentrated focus in the sign of Capricorn, the tough zodiac taskmaster. What big undertaking is currently consuming you? December’s New Moon is all about your dedication to a passion project, objective or ambition. Strive for excellence, or at the very least, a solid beginning that works steadily towards a satisfactory outcome.

There’s no need to rush however; you have time! See this new Moon as your fresh start. Begin with an earnest intention to do your best, no matter what. The road ahead may not be easy. You will undoubtedly have obstacles to dodge and challenges to overcome. Still, Jupiter jumps into this lunar story, promising a pat on the back for your efforts. And depending on how hard you’re willing to work, your reward awaits. Your prize may come in the form of the closure of a painful chapter in your love life. Or, a successful outcome to a problem that’s been a ball-and-chain around your ankle for too long.

Given that this new Moon is also an eclipse, and an eclipse brings change, the nature of this process has the power to make a significant shift in your life. For those thinking “I can’t relate”, trust me; a big undertaking, project or the desire to conquer a personal goal is just around the corner. It’s just that an eclipse just likes to make a sudden and unexpected entrance!


Natasha Weber is resident astrologer for myBody+Soul, Australia’s #1 health and wellness site. Accredited with the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology, Natasha has contributed her expertise in astrology to numerous publications, podcasts both in Australia and internationally.

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