1.To secure your place at the Soul Market or Soul Star Festival  payment deposit must be made within 7 days of acceptance.
2. All stallholders must have their own public liability insurance for the event for at least $10,000,000. No Stall Holder will be allowed to trade at the Market without proof of current cover being supplied to the Market Manger, in the form of a current Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance noting the interest of Soul Star Festival.

  1. Stallholders leaving excess rubbish at the venue will be invoiced for its removal. The rubbish removal fee is $300 per cubic metre or part thereof.
  2. Soul Star Festival and any Soul Star Festival Employees will not be liable for anything they may do or omit to do in the event of any loss or damage to any vehicle, property or goods, or death or injury to any person however caused.
    5. Food stalls must meet Health Department Regulations. Stallholders must hold food handling permits and must adhere to all hygiene regulations.
    6. Stallholders must take due care to prevent injury and property damage. Care must be taken to minimise the risk of damage to the venue during bump-in and bump-out.
    7. Damages must be paid for by the person responsible.
    8. Soul Star Festival will not accept responsibility for expenses arising from theft and damage of goods whilst within the confines of the market.
    9. All stalls shall be displayed in a professional manner.
    10. Set up and dismantling of stalls shall adhere to times outlined by the market and should be done with due consideration and care.
    11. Stallholders or stallholder representative must man stalls at all times.
    12. Soul Star Event will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to performers or stall holders displays, instruments, music equipment, goods and various other props.
    Refunds are not available for deposit of stall. Cancellations 3 weeks or less prior to the event will not get a refund.
    Refund is available for cancellations more than 6 weeks prior to the event, if you have paid more than the deposit. (Deposit of stall is $100 )
    14. It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure that all goods sold comply with the relevant Australian Standard. The organisers take no responsibility for faulty and/or damaged goods and will contact you for resolution of complaints arising from customers. The ACCC sets guidelines about selling goods and services. These guidelines can be found on the ACCC website or by calling them on 1300 302 502.
    15. Any spillages need to be reported to a Soul Star Event staff member immediately and due care taken.
    16. Soul Star Event will not accept responsibility of any injury caused by the stallholders negligence.
    17. Any stall holder who is disrespectful to our staff will be asked to leave by security and will not be invited back to future events.
  3. Any damage to surfaces (grass/ground) from use of vehicle, cooking, liquids etc. must be repaired at the expense of the Stall Holder.
  4. If a Stall Holder wishes to sell products labeled as Organic, they must provide documentation from an accredited certification authority for each product and label accordingly. If this certification documentation is not available for the manager’s inspection, that product will not be allowed to be sold as Organic.
  5. You must not (unless otherwise authorised):
  • Solicit unauthorised products or business
  • Attempt to sell any product or service unless otherwise authorised by Soul Star Event.
  • Attempt to sell counterfeit goods, illegal, prohibited or unauthorised goods, including goods bearing trademarks which the Stallholder does not have licence to sell;
  • Bring illicit substances or hazardous chemicals into the market including alcohol for the purpose of consumption, tobacco or tobacco related products for sale or otherwise;
  1. Stallholders Indemnity

The Stall holder releases and indemnifies Soul Star Event against any claim arising from any;

  •  Loss, damage, death or injury to any property or person in or about the market caused or contributed to by the Stall holder or any use of occupation of the Stall by the Stall holder
  • Neglect or default or the Stall holder; or
  • any combination of those things.
  1. Where the Stall holder applies to Soul Star Event to use or sell electrical equipment during market operations, the Stall holder must have all electrical items tested and tagged by an authorised certified electrical contractor.
  2. Soul Star Festival is not responsible for any transaction between the Stall holder and the Customer. Any complaints need to be addressed by the Stall holder.


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