The Journey of Intuition
11:30 - 1:30pm / $70

What's Included

The art of developing your connection with your intuition: Lead by intuition expert and life coach Laura Pringle

Your intuition is completely ready; it doesn’t need to grow, you simply need to understand how it communicates and move everything that interferes and distorts its wisdom. This talk helps you connect with your internal compass as well as learning how/when to interpret and trust the intuition you already have. A must for more decisive decision making in business, life goals, relationships and empaths.

Yoga and Meditation with Christina Gagnier

This will be a heart based workshop as yogic philosophy finds the heart is one of our main centers of intuition. The yoga will be a soft vinyasa flow which will move from the heart space with a beautiful heart activation meditation. Yoga will be 20 minutes and Meditation will be 20 minutes in duration.

Sound Healing with Adam Rankin

A natural born healer, he uses his sound and vibrational art to facilitate you, accessing refined states of intuition, presence and spiritual alignment. He uses a combination of his gongs, crystal bowls, flutes, toning rare Himalayan bowls, harp and drums to take you on an incredible manifestation sound journey. 40 minutes’ duration.

Individual Energy Balance with our healing team, Yasmin Trinder, Nick Terry, Justine McInery and Amandine Blasius

While you are floating in sound healing bliss, we are giving you a gift to take your healing experience to the next level. Soul Star has a team of very talented healers including, reiki masters and shaman who will give you an individual healing to facilitate a deeper state of relaxation and allow you to shift and let go what you are ready to release. You receive an individual 7-minute energy clearing/ chakra balance from an energetic healer. This will be a sound journey of super healing bliss! If the healers receive any messages or down loads for you, they will write it on a note and leave it for you read at the end.

Crystal energy facilitation and take home charged crystal gift

Amir our beautiful crystal healer, will create a Crystal Mandala which will be set with the frequency of intuition and create the healing space. You will be allowed to take home one of the blessed healing crystals at the end of the session. Amir will perform a crystal healing on you during the sound healing or meditation and will place your own charged special crystal on you, and a channeled healing specific to you in that present moment.

We do advise you pre-book the Journeys and Healings, to make sure you don’t miss out on the day, The Journeys have limited spaces, and our healers tend to book out quickly. Follow the links below to secure your spot.

Want to add to your experience? Book private sessions with one or many of our Healers for a unique one-to-one on the day.

Healers, Readings, Energy Clearing, Chakra balances, Tarot Reading, Coffee Cup Readings, Soul Path Readings and more.

The Three Journeys:

Abundance, Intuition and Manifestation

- each is unique, all of them powerful.

Everything is made of energy, including you! If you want to make shifts in your life, release old patterns, improve your health, manifest new life experiences, you need to shift the energy that created the old patterns in the first place.


9:00 – 11:00am / $70


11:30 – 1:30pm / $70


2:30 – 5:30pm / $95

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