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Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Bestselling author of You Are Enough, It’s All Good and Aligned and Unstoppable (Hay House). She’s also a kinesiologist, business alignment coach, naturopath, writer & speaker. Featured on live national TV on Today Extra; in publications such as Collective Hub, body+soul, Women’s Fitness & Australian Natural Health; and on popular websites such as ELLE, The Daily Guru,,, Sporteluxe, marie claire and

Carla Fletcher

Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing) with Distinction from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Fletcher has had continuous solo exhibitions in Australia since 2003 and has been represented in various local and national group shows & been an Archibald Prize finalist 5 times. Her work is held within numerous private and corporate collections across Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.

Sian Pascale

Sian is an experienced Energetic, Breath, Meditation and Yoga teacher. Her teachings draw from Mother India where she lived and trained for several years, learning through the hatha, ashtanga and tantric lineages. She teachers privately and collectively, locally and Internationally. Her self practise and dedication to the yogic path has allowed her to merge Ancient teachings into a modern language that everyone can access.

Lyndall Mitchell

Lyndall is an author, wellness entrepreneur, qualified and accredited coach, corporate speaker and founder of award-winning Aurora Spa Group. Lyndall runs a thriving business with more than 100 staff & having created successful consumer brands, she is recognised as a true wellness trailblazer in Australia for her work at Aurora.

Marike Knight

An ex-lawyer, Marike is passionate about helping others discover strategies to improve their lives. She has dedicated the past ten years to facilitating programs in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Leadership, Resilience and Wellbeing, Raising Awareness and Emotional Intelligence and Mindful Communication just to name a few.

Carl Massy

Carl is the author of 4 books; a coach, strategist & teacher who is passionate about seeing people evolve into fuller expressions of their unique selves. He has been an army Major, a consultant to multiple Olympic Games, a fitness trainer, a corporate wellness trainer, a keynote speaker, co-owner of yoga centre ‘The Practice’ in Bali.

Cindy Melksham

Cindy is an Energy Therapist & Empowerment Coach who’s expertise include Reiki, Pellowah & EFT and has her undergraduate & Honours degrees in Psychology. Cindy teaches Pellowah Healing, facilitates Women’s Stress Release & Meditation Circles & runs a range of empowering workshops

Jem Fuller

Jem Fuller is a trusted advisor and coach to CEOs and senior leadership teams on mindful leadership & healthy culture creation. Jem is the Director & facilitator of his own international leadership retreat company & takes leaders away on Mindful Leader Programs to the remote Indian Himalaya, Bali, the Kimberley & Costa Rica.

Nicole Lee

Nicole is internationally certified in Qigong, trained in both Modern and Classical styles, she is also trained in meditation, mindfulness & holds a Bachelor Degree in Complementary Medicine. Founder of a boutique studio ‘Chi Space’, dedicated to the practice of Qigong where she offers classes, workshops and teacher training programs.

Shannah Kennedy

Shannah Kennedy is a qualified and accredited life strategist, sought after business advisor, keynote speaker, facilitator and best-selling author. She has more than 10 years’ experience working in senior strategic sports marketing roles working on major events and projects with leading sports brands, Olympians and other elite athletes

Asher Packman

 A qualified mindset coach with a Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring and registered meditation guide, Asher is also a certified HeartMath and Wim Hof Method instructor. Asher is the current president of Meditation Australia, the national peak body representing meditation and meditation teachers.

Julie Zdravkovska

Julie Zdravkovska is a natural born medium and healer with 20 years experience. She feels fortunate that from an early age, her gift has been able to help those in need, make the necessary changes to live a more fulfilled life.  Her direct connection to universal energy allows her to offer practical and deep insights.

Ash Constance

Founder & managing director of AmazingU Wellness Pty Ltd, a Doctor of Chiropractic and owner of thriving yoga studio Ash Constance Yoga. Ash also trains other teachers in her own well-researched Chiropractic Yoga method. Ash runs retreats in Palm Springs, USA and teaches in the corporate setting.

Natasha Weber

Resident astrologer for myBody+Soul, Australia’s #1 health and wellness site. Accredited with the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology, Natasha has contributed  her expertise in astrology to numerous publications, podcasts both in Australia and internationally.

Briony Goldsmith

Nutritionist, Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Empath and Director of The Soul Star Festival & Events. She has contributed to Living Now Magazine, Natural Beauty Expert on line and featured in Cleo Magazine on topics from wellness, nutrition, to manifesting. Briony has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.

Elle Steele

Elle Steele is a gifted leader in Melbourne who connects women with their spiritual power. Elle’s background includes 13 years as a swimmer, representing Australia at the 2000 Paralympic Games. Throughout her swimming and rugby career, Elle’s resilience has allowed her to overcome intense physical challenges. Elle has worked with organisations including ANZ and Worksafe, heading disability support, change management and mentorship programs and creating meaningful change.

Simone Harding

Naturopath, Healer and Kinesiologist for over 18 years, Simone is a pioneer and expert in wellness and spirituality. She has worked on National Radio, trained 100’s of students, while inspiring and mentoring many others. Simone creates retreats, work shops and works between Sydney and Melbourne Clinics and internationally.

Vic Crombie

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer – Reiki, Energy Medicine Yoga, EFT, Aromatherapy, and Crystal Healer.  She regularly runs workshops inspiring participants to support their own healing process by combining Energy Medicine Yoga, EFT (emotional freedom technique also known as Tapping), meditation, aromatherapy and deep relaxation techniques.

Dr Amanda Waaldyk

Amanda is the founder and director of Angea Women’s Health clinic, an integrative Chinese medicine practice with a focus on fertility, female endocrinology and supporting Woman through every phase of life. Amanda’s practice is soul meets science, guiding her patients to ultimate health by providing a whole body approach. Amanda is a Doctor of Chinese medicine, yoga and meditation teacher, hormone expert and energy healer. Amanda empowers and educates her clients to reconnect with their inherent body wisdom, navigate their way back to balance (naturally) and live the happiest and most thriving version of their lives. 

Sarah Grynberg

Sarah Grynberg is the host, producer and creator behind PodcastOne’s top-rated title: A Life of Greatness. Interviewing world-famous thought leaders, NYT best-selling authors, entertainers, sporting legends and spiritual greats like Dr Joe Dispenza, Kate Langbroek and Gabby Bernstein on how they have achieved greatness in their lives, and how her listeners can too. A Life of Greatness is ranked sixth in the Australian Apple Podcast Charts. In her radio career alone she has produced some of the biggest radio and Podcast shows in the country including True Crime Titles. She is also the Executive Producer of the Hamish and Andy Podcast – the most downloaded show in Australia.
Sarah is a sought-after speaker, a passionate learner, self-improver and dreamer.

Maurice Katting

Maurice is a Shamanic healer, he uses his experience in Reiki, Kinergetics, Psychic Development, Plant Medicine & Ceremony to his healing work. Maurice’s strength is grounding people, extraction and clearing work, clearing entities, cords, attachments and contracts, clearing stress, realigning the emotional body and helping people to achieve clarity and a feeling of peace and empowerment.

Christina Davidson

Christina Davidson is a Chakradance facilitator, yogic practitioner and wellbeing writer. She is passionate about wellbeing and brings her extensive knowledge though studies in the chakra system, shamanism and yoga to her practice.

Sarah Najjar

Sarah Najjar, Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner has been practising Reiki since 2002 and teaching Reiki monthly in Melbourne since 2009. With highly empathetic and intuitive skills she’s passionate about facilitating change in those she’s privileged to work with. During individual and group sessions, she offers exercises and tools that promote holistic balance and wellbeing. She presents Reiki in a way that is clear and accessible while maintaining the spiritual essence of the practice.

Amrit Sandhu

Amrit Sandhu is an international speaker, podcast host and founder of the Inspired Evolution. Certified by Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening, he is also Mindvalley’s Master Certified Trainer for Australia & India. Amrit delivers keynotes, talks, seminars and workshops for the Inspired Evolution and Mindvalley in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Jacintha Akkerman

Jacintha is an Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Health Coach. She is passionate about teaching people to live a fulfilling life. She is a firm believer that food is medicine. Jacintha’s purpose is educating humans, especially parents on the need for wholesome nutrition – our babies need us. Jacintha quit alcohol and found a love of running, yoga and meditation. Jacintha recently launched a video series called HAPPY SOULS.

Donna Sue Robson

Donna Sue Robson has been working as an energy healer for over 15 years. She was drawn to healing when her dog Jamie, was facing terminal liver cancer. Donna creates natural and energy healing products for people, pets and the home, called Jamie Natural Health and Healing. In 2001, she was blessed with downloads to create a specific type of energy healing, called Vibrational Balancing. As well as 1-1 practitioner work, Donna also teaches Vibrational Balancing and associated skill-development in energy healing, channelling, vibrational medicine and aromatherapy. She presents guided, voice-channelled meditations at special events and ceremonies. Donna uses the crystal bowls in these meditations, which attune audiences to higher healing frequencies.

Sally Kellett

Sally is a professional meditation teacher, certified sound meditation practitioner and founder of Mirosuna – a wellbeing and mindfulness community created for busy professionals to truly recharge.  After experiencing the real, tangible benefits of mindfulness herself without giving up hours of her day to meditate, along with studying mindfulness both in Australia and internationally, Sally now teaches others how to bring meditation and mindfulness into their own lives so they see the benefits long after they finish their meditation class.

Stacey Lim

Stacey is a Gemmologist, educator, crystal expert, co-founder of Uluna and the Vice President of the Gemmological Association of Australia, Victorian Division. Her mission is to demystify the magic of manifesting with crystals, spiritual tools, rituals and visualisation into a simple yet powerful practice accessible to everyone. Stacey believes in empowering and inspiring people with the science behind crystals and mindfulness to manifest positive changes within yourself to be your best you.

Maritza Barone

Maritza Barone is a TV Presenter, Radio Host, Podcaster, Speaker and one-third of the team behind “Conscious Conversations” She has also recently joined the RAK Foundation to help spread random acts of kindness around the world. In early 2019 Maritza released a wellbeing podcast, ‘Things You Can’t Un-Hear’ where she interviews leading health, wellness and spiritual leaders to discuss wellbeing topics of our time. Maritza has recently partnered with the team at Conscious Collaborations to form “CONSCIOUS CONVERSATIONS” a community of like-minded, conscious women. 

Clare Elizabeth Dea

Clare Elizabeth Dea is an international performance artist, speaker, author and creative mentor. She is currently touring her one woman show ‘The Spiritual Love Guru’ around Australia. Hilarious characters, original songs, self help has never been so much fun! Born with Poland’s Syndrome and only developing one breast, Clare is extremely passionate about helping others love their imperfections and pursue their passions.

Aisling Quigley

Discovering yoga and mindfulness in the midst of a fast-paced career in media and marketing, Aisling very quickly realised that these tools would become an integral part of being able

to hold the balance of a high-pressure corporate life while maintaining health and happiness in her personal life.

Recognising that she wanted to share these invaluable tools with others, Aisling has trained with some of the best Local and International Mindfulness and yoga teachers in the world.

It’s Aisling’s calm nature and thoughtful, intuitive and fluid style all with a mindful twist that keeps students coming back for more.

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