The Healers Hub

Psychic Readings: 15-minutes $37.
Energy Healings: 20-minute sessions at $48.
See our experienced team below.

Please check out who you would like to book in with on the day. We are not pre-booking our sessions, which means everyone is potentially available for you to see on the day!

These sessions are designed as a taste of what these practitioners can offer you, at a fraction of the cost and the time of a full session. Use this opportunity to see who you resonate with, so you know who you can go to for a deeper and more comprehensive session in the future. Soul Star doesn't work with healers who are not good at what they do. Make your selection based on who you are intuitively drawn to.

The Healers

Rigel Barry

Rigel is available: 10:00am-1:30pm

Session:  Reiki Energy Healing

Rigel is a certified health and wellness coach, reiki practitioner and has studies herbology and essential oils. She has also studied Mindfulness Coaching and Law of Attraction Coaching and uses a blend of these wellness practices to support her clients to reach their full potential and create a life they LOVE living.

Rigel will be offering reiki which is a restorative Japanese energy based healing which supports mind and body wellness. Reiki is a gentle practice that helps support the body on a physical and emotional level. Rigel gives a really beautiful and relaxing energy balance, for those looking for a light, feel good, stress relief, Rigel is your perfect option.

Tanya Lee

Tanya is available: 10:00am-1:30pm

Session: Health Intuitive 

Tanya is an initiated Balian/ Traditional Healer and draws on the wealth of her experience and qualifications to taylor your wellness experience with her. Qualified in Kinesiology, Reiki Practitioner, Naturopathy, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Barre Instructor, Pilates Instructor. Tanya also launched Heal’ and Root’d by Heal’r, the first delicious, Certified Organic Turmeric and Dandelion Root Spice Blend.

Loretta Carraro

Loretta is available: 1:30pm-5:00pm

Session: Chakra Balancing using Reiki and crystal healing

Founder of Nourished Energy, Loretta is an Energy Therapist and Transformational Coach. Through her work, Loretta aims to uncover those blockages that unconsciously hold us back. Using a multi-faceted approach that includes Reiki Master-Teacher, Crystal Practitioner, Sound Healer and Coach, Loretta creates bespoke sessions for each of her clients. This is a rare opportunity to experience one of Loretta’s in-demand healings, complete with Reiki and crystals. Her unique and gifted talents will bring you back to balance. She will bring you back to you.

Claire Louise

Claire will be available: 1:30pm-5:00pm

Claire will be offering:Power-Energy-Upgrades


Claire is the best healer I have ever experienced in shifting psychic attachments and I don’t say that lightly! Claire is a trained psychic, channel and healer. Claire utilises her training in, Angelic Quantum Healing, PSYCH-K, Pranic Healing and Reiki, her sessions are about raising your vibration. Claire will identify, cleanse and release any negative energies that have been bogging you down to re-connect you with your own powerful source energy which will give you more clarity, connection to your intuition and joy.  If you feel like you’ve maybe been bogged down lately, or you’ve ever felt you’ve experienced psychic attachments that you haven’t shifted, Claire is the healer for you!



Nancy Green

Available session times:  1:30pm-5:00pm

Sessions:  Soul Healing

Nancy is a Soul and ThetaHealing Practitioner as well as a crystal expert. The intuitive work that Nancy does offers a person a connection to the feeling of their soul purpose and path, allowing them to recognize the direction of their highest outcomes. “I simply reconnect them with what they already deeply know. Sometimes that’s all it takes.”
Soul Healing’s are always light and delicate, because soul work is light and delicate. Nancy gives such a beautiful gentle healing and she has such a beautiful nature a healing with Nancy is like a beautiful warm hug that leaves you feeling really centred.
Nancy is a last minute entrant, so she will be only be available for bookings on the day, no pre- online bookings!


Maurice Katting

Available session times:  1:30pm-5:00pm

Sessions:  Shamanic Healing and Extraction Work


Maurice uses in experience  in Reiki, Kinergetics, Psychic Development, Plant Medicine & Ceremony to his healing work. Maurice starts his session by reading your energy and discussing what comes up, he is incredibly accurate at reading who it is you are. Through a combination of sound, sounding tools, flower essences, and intention based shamanic ritual, Maurice has designed a format of healing that works to peel back energetic layers of debris from your energy field! Maurice’s strength is grounding people, extraction and clearing work, clearing entities, cords, attachments and contracts, clearing stress, realigning the emotional body and helping people to achieve clarity and a feeling of peace and empowerment



Our Psychic Readers

Karlie Fitzpatrick

Karlie will be available: 1:30pm-5:00pm

Session: Intuitive Tarot Reading


Karlie is a Clairvoyant, Crystal Healer, Tarot reader, Reiki Master, Kahuna Massage, Access Bar and Hypnotherapy practitioner. Karlie is a warm, loving and compassionate therapist, she has a really beautiful and gentle nature and energy, and gives an amazing reading!!! Karlie doesn’t just read from the cards, she also has an amazing ability to tune in and give really spot on and accurate guidance.


Cindy Melksham

Cindy will be available: 10:00am-1:30pm

Session: Angel Card Reading

Cindy will be offering Angel Card Readings which offer guidance and clarity in one or more areas of your life she is a beautiful, confident and accurate intuitive reader.  Cindy is an Empowerment Coach, Energy Healer and Intuitive Guide with qualifications in Psychology, Life Coaching and a range of healing modalities including, Reiki, Pellowah and EFT (Tapping). Cindy is a qualified and licensed Louise Hay, “Heal Your Life” Workshop Facilitator and is passionate about assisting people to heal the past so they can experience a new way of being, living and thriving in the present.

Elle Steele copy

Elle Steele

Available time: 10:00am-1:30pm

Session: Intuitive Chanelled Reading.


Elle is a healer, has the ability to see your aura and speaks directly with Angels, Archangels, Spiritual Deities and loved ones that have died.

Elle’s comes from a business coaching back ground, her intuitive reading style is practical, down to earth and easy to implement in your life. You not only get insights into particular questions or thoughts you’ve been processing but will feel refreshed and healed after spending time with her.

Kate Williams

Availability: 1:30pm-5:00pm

Session: Soul Purpose Reading

Kate is a soul purpose coach, and a very gifted and caring psychic channel with incredible accuracy. Kate receives messages for you from the divine on your soul purpose, she gives incredible insights on your souls calling and what you are here to do.


Trish Humphries

Availability: 1:30pm-5:00pm

Session: Tarot and Intuitive Channelled Reading


Trish is a talented clairvoyant reader with over 20 years experience. She possesses a unique ability to “tune into” energy ensuring the information provided is from truth. She has a gentle and caring nature and provides concise guidance. Trish utilises the tarot to provide insight into questions or situations. Trish gives an awesome reading, she provides a lot of clarity and is really insightful, she has incredible accuracy and gives a  gentle and loving reading.


Isabel Fopiani

Availability: 10:00am-1:30pm

Session: Angel Card Reading


Isabel Fopiani is a Certified Angel Card Reader, Intuitive Medium, Reiki & Crystal Healer & Meditation Guide. 

Connecting with your angels & guides to give you guidance & bring you the answers you need in a positive, caring & loving way. Whether it be about relationships, career or just how to bring more love & positive energy into your life.

Isabel gives a really insightful, connected and experienced reading.


Katie LEak palm reader

Katie Ellen

Availability: 10:00am- 1:30pm
Session : Palm Reading

PALMISTRY: is a learned skill which Ellen combines with flashes of Psychic Insight. Katie Ellen, is an International Palmist, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer & Teacher. Katie Ellen’s main Psychic Gift is to ‘hear’ messages from your Guides & Angels. Katie sees herself as a Telephone for Spirit, she is the means by which messages are delivered to you. Her method of working is very intuitive, so she likes to work with your questions, if you have them.  Her Readings provide clear, gentle insight delivered with compassion & humour.


Tee-Jay Ramnarain-Little

Availability: 1:30pm-5:00pm
Session : Numerology Reading

Walk away understanding your inner ‘SELF’ better on a soul level

Together we will look at the year you are in and establish where you are in your 9-year cycle – that will assist you with any choices you need to make in any areas of life. There will be the opportunity to ask a couple of questions to aid clarity and your retention of information.

Tee-Jay has incredible knowledge of numerology, together with her natural intuition and beautiful energy, this is a really informative session and you will take away a lot of information. Once you understand where you are with your numerology, so many things in your life make so much sense!

Tanya cripps

Tanya Cripps

Availability: 1:30pm-5:00pm
Session : Intuitive Channelled Reading

Tanya works closely with her Guides, Spirit and the Elementals to tune into your Energy and give you an accurate and grounded reading while also realigning your Energy.  Channelling messages from her Guides. Tanya uses Tarot cards, Oracle cards and Crystals for her readings while channelling messages from Spirit.

Tanya’s passion in life is using her gifts to help others, passing on messages from her Guides and Spirit and helping clear any fears that may be holding someone back from following their true path.

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