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Mother nature has blessed us an abundance of powerful superfoods. Many of them are readily available from your local supermarket or health food store that are inexpensive, taste and amazing and pack a powerful punch with their health benefits. These super plants are high in antioxidants and phytochemicals which have antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. This makes them the perfect immune-boosting ingredients to incorporate into your diet to help support your health and

Are you looking for more inner peace and greater harmony with others? Do you need more clarity in your career?  Or do you want to feel better so you can live more abundantly? I didn’t know I had these needs but I knew I wanted to help others feel better. That was in 2002. I shared my thoughts with a friend who suggested I learn Reiki.  Reiki is a natural system of healing

SYDNEY: 4:14 pm, December 26 NEW YORK: 12:14 am, December 26 LONDON: 5:14 am, December 26 Mega planets Pluto and Saturn link to this new Moon, placing a concentrated focus in the sign of Capricorn, the tough zodiac taskmaster. What big undertaking is currently consuming you? December’s New Moon is all about your dedication to a passion project, objective or ambition. Strive for excellence, or at the very least, a solid beginning that works steadily

There has been a lot of research into why being in the present moment is so important and how if you’re not taking in the here and now you’re not really living. As hard as this can be sometimes, truly embracing this practice is the end of suffering and the start of setting yourself free. Being in the present moment is something I have struggled with a lot within my life. Sometimes it

Here are some suggestions that were channelled from the Seventh Ray[1] on how to clear energy that may be making you feel unwell, overwhelmed, anxious, emotional or just not quite yourself. Using these tools, especially at a peak time with the festive season just around the corner, not to mention the added pressure completing work projects before the years is out, attending all the parties, and even spending time with your family could,

For the more significant part of my life, I was unaware of what my soul truly desired. My guidance system was off. I lived a life that looked great on paper, yet at a deep level, I never felt satisfied. I didn't understand that my soul star chakra was screaming at me to connect to a guidance system which would teach me through experience what was right for me and what wasn't. We

We all know that the Moon can be used to cleanse and charge crystals. But the Moon is a powerful tool for crystal healing as well. The Moon passes through eight phases during its monthly cycle, very much like we do!  By understanding the Moon’s personality during these phases, crystals can guide us through our personal growth and healing. The Moon is either in a state of waxing or waning – growth or

Being more grateful is becoming common practise. You may be aware of the benefits of gratitude and perhaps you have even started using a ‘Gratitude Diary’. No doubt your intention comes from the right place, but how many of us are actually seeing these benefits in our own life? How many of us are really practicing being grateful AF? In a world where we have so much and yet want so much more, it is

What do we learn from anger and what does this emotion teach us? Is it a way of highlighting a disparity, when we feel a boundary has been overstepped or when we feel who we are isn’t being acknowledged? When we sit in the awareness of our anger we can process for ourselves what the anger means beyond the other person’s actions, and choose if we need to take action to resolve

FULL MOON IN LEO SYDNEY: 4:17 pm, January 21 NEW YORK: 12:17 am, January 21 LONDON: 5:17 am, January 21   ✨ A total lunar eclipse will occur during this full Moon in Leo. An eclipse can be a portal for change, so if you find yourself stuck in some area of your life or clinging to your comfort zone when you know you should be letting go in order to evolve, step into your rightful destiny

The saturation of yoga teacher trainings today has created a multitude of styles and yoga brands across the world. This expansion has allowed yoga to become accessible to a wide range of people- allowing everyone to find a yoga style and teacher that resonates with them. However, I have found that as the commercial possibilities for yoga teacher trainings grow, so do the numbers of newly trained teachers who leave feeling ill

There can be many reasons why people come and see me, or any other intuitive healer or reader. It could be a time of transition or uncertainty, a time where that person feels stuck or unsure of their next move. When I first went to see an intuitive healer, I was at my wits end with a swimming injury. I’d been to doctor after doctor telling them of increasing shoulder pain only to get

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning and interact with any person or anything there is the chance that things might not go smoothly. It doesn’t matter how much we plan, how good our intentions are or the fact that we are ‘nice’, bad or unpleasant things happen to everyone. The fact is we all interpret the world differently, none of us see and sense the world in the

We all have limiting beliefs. We have beliefs about ourselves that aren’t positive, that we think are true, but in fact they are not. It sounds counter intuitive to the way we have been brought up, but we can’t always believe what we think. Our minds have this amazing way of playing tricks on us, and because it’s the only mind we know - we think it’s the truth, but truth is

Who hasn’t had their trust broken at some time? Being blind-sided by someone can be a soul destroying and life changing experience. It seems odd that we as a society don’t teach our children more about trust and how important it is. Once our trust is broken by someone, depending on the severity, many of us become emotionally blocked and find it hard to ever trust again. A lot of the time we

When it comes to choosing a healer, you should understand that each healer is unique and will tap into different parts of you that need healing. What they tap into will depend on that healer’s own wounds, the therapy they use and the vibration of their energy. Healers are like all people, completely different; which is why I recommend seeing one healer until you feel you’ve completed the need to see them

At my last event, a guest came up to me who had never had a healing before, he asked me why anyone would want one? So, I thought I would share my response with you. If I can give you my own analogy to explain it simply; Since birth, we have all been walking around with an invisible backpack on. Every time something happens in life, be it a major childhood trauma, poor

I love creating shifts in my own life, which has lead me to want to help others do the same. I’m obsessed with self-improvement on all levels (mind, body, spirit), it’s been driving my life since I was a teenager. I’m always looking at ways we block ourselves from creating the life we desire, and how we can overcome them. The reality is, manifestation is complex, you don’t just manifest change by

Over a year ago I took part in a cacao ceremony. It was part of an 8-week shamanic energy training course I did and was the closing ceremony of the course. I assumed it was just a chocolate drink and not a lot could come of it; to be honest I didn’t give the ceremony much thought at all.   This course was held by Shamanic practitioner and qi gong teacher Sharon Bolt. Sharon

There is a perception in the ‘self-development’ or spiritual movement, that getting annoyed is something to be avoided, that spirituality is strongly associated with always putting positivity out in the world, some spiritual people will dogmatically preach this. While it would be nice to go through life and never have anything bother us, this is simply an un-realistic goal. Let’s face it, there are lots of annoying people out there, and I’m sure

I am a self- confessed healer junkie. I’ve been seeing healers since I was a child, brought up by a mother who was the original hippy - eating tofu and practicing yoga in our living room, way before it was cool! I was bought up with a sense that being around energetic healers was normal and therefore opened me up to it. I was also brought up in a different home by a

It’s absolutely awesome that there is so much incredible information about wellness and spirituality at our finger tips. However, on the flip side, because we are constantly bombarded with the fashionable opinions of keyboard warriors, their identities all-too-often hidden behind the security of an avatar, we don't know whether the information at hand holds water, how conscious a person really is, or whether they are living their truth. Spiritual Gurus: There is a perception

Last year I went on a spiritual retreat, where one of our activities was a silent walk. We were told to have a question or intention in mind and to ask our guides for a sign that would come to us during the walk. Surrounded by many intuitive people, I started to doubt my ability to have a sign or that I even had a question to ask! I was told not

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